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Using WordArt
To Apply a WordArt Text Fill
The Slide 4 background has a Sand texture for the background, and you want to coordinate the WordArt i ll
with a similar texture. The following steps add the Denim texture as a i ll for the WordArt characters.
With the WordArt text selected, click
the Text Fill button arrow (Drawing
Tools Format tab | WordArt Styles
group) to display the Text Fill gallery.
Text Fill button
The Text Fill gallery did not display.
Why not?
Be sure you click the Text Fill button
arrow, which is to the right of the
Text Fill button. If you mistakenly
click the Text Fill button, PowerPoint
places the default i ll in the
WordArt instead of displaying the
Text Fill gallery.
Point to Texture in the Text Fill
gallery to display the Texture gallery
(Figure 2– 69).
Figure 2–69
Point to various styles in the Text Fill gallery and watch the i ll change.
How can I see the preview of a i ll if the gallery is overlaying the WordArt letters?
Move the WordArt text box to the left or right side of the slide and then repeat
Step 1.
Click the Denim texture (third texture in i rst row) to apply this texture as the i ll for
the WordArt.
Can I apply this texture simultaneously to text that appears in more than one place on
my slide?
Yes. Select one area of text, press and then hold the CTRL key while you select the other text,
and then apply the texture.
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