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Using WordArt
To Change the Weight of the WordArt Outline
The letters in the WordArt style applied have a double outline around the edges. To emphasize this characteristic,
you can increase the width of the lines. As with font size, lines also are measured in point size, and PowerPoint gives
you the option to change the line weight , or thickness, starting with ¼ point (pt) and increasing in one-fourth–point
increments. Other outline options include modifying the color and the line style, such as changing to dots or dashes or
a combination of dots and dashes. The following steps change the WordArt outline weight to 6 pt.
With the WordArt still selected,
click the Text Outline button
arrow (Drawing Tools Format tab |
WordArt Styles group) to display
the Text Outline gallery.
Text Outline
button arrow
Point to Weight in the gallery to
display the Weight list.
Point to 6 pt to display a live
preview of this line weight on
the WordArt text outline
(Figure 2 – 70).
Point to various line weights in
Weight list
the Weight list and watch the line
thickness change.
Can I make the line width more
than 6 pt?
Yes. Click More Lines and increase
the amount in the Width box.
desired outline
Denim texture i ll
applied to WordArt
Figure 2 – 70
Click 6 pt to apply this line weight to the title text outline.
Must my text have an outline?
No. To delete the outline, click No Outline in the Text Outline gallery.
To Change the Color of the WordArt Outline
The WordArt outline color is similar to the Denim i ll color. To add variety, you can change the outline color.
The following steps change the WordArt outline color.
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