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Using WordArt
Text Outline
button arrow
With the WordArt still selected,
click the Text Outline button
arrow (Drawing Tools Format tab |
WordArt Styles group) to display
the Text Outline gallery.
desired outline
Point to Orange, Accent 1 (i fth
color in i rst row) to display a live
preview of this outline color
(Figure 2 – 71).
Point to various colors in the
gallery and watch the outline
colors change.
Click Orange, Accent 1 to apply
this color to the WordArt outline.
Orange outline
color previewed
Figure 2 – 71
To Add a Transition between Slides
Selecting Effect
Many PowerPoint
transitions have options
that you can customize to
give your presentation a
unique look. When you
click the Effect Options
button (Transitions tab |
Transition to This Slide
group), you can, for
example, select the option
to have a slide appear on
the screen from the left or
the right, or the screen
can fade to black before
the next slide is displayed.
A i nal enhancement you will make in this presentation is to apply the Rotate transition
in the Dynamic Content category to all slides and change the transition speed to Slow. The
following steps apply this transition to the presentation.
Click Transitions on the Ribbon. Click the More button (Transitions tab | Transition to This
Slide group) to expand the Transitions gallery.
Click the Rotate transition in the Dynamic Content category to apply this transition to
Slide 4.
Click the Duration up arrow in the Timing group four times to change the transition speed
from 02.00 to 03.00.
Click the Preview Transitions button (Transitions tab | Preview area) to view the new
transition time.
Click the Apply To All button (Transitions tab | Timing group) to apply this transition and
speed to all four slides in the presentation (Figure 2 – 72 on the next page).
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