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Chapter Summary
To Run an Animated Slide Show
All changes are complete, and the presentation is saved. You now can view the Yoga
presentation. The following steps start Slide Show view.
Click the Slide 1 thumbnail in the Slides tab to select and display Slide 1.
Click the Slide Show button to display the title slide and then click each slide to view the
transition effect and slides.
To Quit PowerPoint
This project is complete. The following steps quit PowerPoint.
If you have one PowerPoint document open, click the Close Button on the right side of
the title bar to close the document and then quit PowerPoint; or if you have multiple
PowerPoint documents open, click File on the Ribbon to open the Backstage view and then
click Exit in the Backstage view to close all open documents and quit PowerPoint.
If a Microsoft PowerPoint dialog box appears, click the Save button to save any changes
made to the presentation since the last save.
Chapter Summary
In this chapter you have learned how to add a background style, insert and format pictures, add shapes, size graphic
elements, apply styles, and insert WordArt. The items listed below include all the new PowerPoint skills you have
learned in this chapter.
1. Change the Presentation Theme Colors (PPT 81)
2. Insert a Picture (PPT 83)
3. Insert a Picture into a Slide without a Content
Placeholder (PPT 85)
4. Correct a Picture (PPT 86)
5. Apply a Picture Style (PPT 87)
6. Apply Picture Effects (PPT 89)
7. Add a Picture Border (PPT 91)
8. Change a Picture Border Color (PPT 92)
9. Resize a Graphic by Entering Exact Measurements
(PPT 93)
10. Insert a Texture Fill (PPT 95)
11. Insert a Picture to Create a Background (PPT 97)
12. Format the Background Picture Fill Transparency
(PPT 98)
13. Format the Background Texture Fill Transparency
(PPT 99)
14. Choose a Background Style (PPT 99)
15. Change the Subtitle and Caption Font (PPT 101)
16. Shadow Text (PPT 103)
17. Format Caption Text Using the Format Painter
(PPT 105)
18. Add a Shape (PPT 106)
19. Resize a Shape (PPT 107)
20. Copy and Paste a Shape (PPT 108)
21. Add Other Shapes (PPT 109)
22. Apply a Shape Style (PPT 110)
23. Add Formatted Text to a Shape (PPT 112)
24. Insert WordArt (PPT 114)
25. Change the WordArt Shape (PPT 115)
26. Apply a WordArt Text Fill (PPT 117)
27. Change the Weight of the WordArt Outline
(PPT 118)
28. Change the Color of the WordArt Outline (PPT 118)
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