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5. On Slide 2, change
the layout to Two
Content and insert
the pictures shown in
Figure 2– 74b called
Female in Lab Coat
and Female with
Goggles. In the left
placeholder, apply
the Rotated, White
picture style to the
inserted picture. In
the right placeholder,
apply the Rel ected
Bevel, Black picture
style to the inserted
picture and then
change the picture
border color to
6. On Slide 3, change
the layout to Two
Content and insert
the Fire Extinguisher
picture shown in
Figure 2–74c. Apply
the Soft Edge Oval
picture style and
change the picture
brightness to 1 20%
(row 3, column 4 in
the Brightness and
Contrast area).
7. On Slide 4, change
the layout to Picture
with Caption and
then insert the
picture, Hand
Washing shown
in Figure 2–74d.
Increase the subtitle
text font size to
18 point. Change the
title text font size to
28 point, add a shadow, change font to Algerian, and change the font color to Purple.
8. Use the Format Painter to format the title text on Slides 2 and 3 with the same features as the title
text on Slide 4.
9. Apply the Wipe transition in the Subtle category to all slides. Change the duration to 2.00 seconds.
WordArt style
substitute your
name, and then
format the text
picture inserted
as background
(a) Slide 1
Two Content
picture styles and
borders applied
(b) Slide 2
Figure 2 – 74
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