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3 Reusing a Presentation
and Adding Media
At times, you will need to revise a PowerPoint presentation. Changes may include inserting
and adding effects to pictures, altering the colors of clips and pictures, and updating visual
elements displayed on a slide. Applying a different theme, changing fonts, and substitut-
ing graphical elements can give a slide show an entirely new look. Adding media, including
sounds, video, and music, can enhance a presentation and help audience members retain the
information being presented.
Project — Presentation with Video,
Audio, and Pictures with Effects
PowerPoint 2010 Video
New video tools in
PowerPoint 2010
enable you to develop
a presentation i lled
with professional-quality
features. You now can
embed and edit videos
from within PowerPoint
instead of needing to use
a separate program to
customize your media i les.
You can add fades and
effects to captivate your
audience, and you can trim
specii c pieces of the video
i le to show the exact
scenes needed to make
a point. Video and audio
i les now are embedded
in your PowerPoint i le, so
they become part of the
entire presentation. These
enhanced features help
make your media i t the
message you are sending
to your audience.
The project in this chapter follows graphical guidelines and uses PowerPoint to create the
presentation shown in Figure 3–1. The slides in this revised presentation, which discusses
Bird Migration, have a variety of audio and visual elements. For example, the pictures
have artistic effects applied that soften the pictures and help the audience focus on other
elements on the slides. The bird clip has colors that blend well with the background. The
video has been edited to play only the portion with Bird Migration and has effects to add
audience interest. Bird calls integrate with the visual elements. Overall, the slides have
myriad media elements and effects that are exciting for your audience to watch and hear.
As you read through this chapter, you will learn how to create the presentation
shown in Figure 3–1 by performing these general tasks:
Format pictures by recoloring and adding artistic effects.
Insert and format video and audio clips.
Modify clip art.
Vary paragraph alignment.
Check a presentation for spelling errors.
Print a handout of your slides.
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