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Inserting Pictures and Adding Effects
To Color a Picture
The Slipstream theme and text on Slides 1 and 3 have many shades of blue. The inserted pictures, in
addition, have blue backgrounds. The following steps recolor the Slide 3 picture to coordinate with the blue
colors on the slide.
With Slide 3 displaying and the Bird
Color button
Rel ect picture selected, click the
Color button (Picture Tools Format
tab | Adjust group) to display the
Color gallery (Figure 3–3).
Why does the Adjust group look
different on my screen?
Your monitor is set to a
different resolution. See
Chapter 1 for an explanation
of screen resolution and the
appearance of the Ribbon.
yellow borders indicate
current color saturation,
color tone, and color
Color gallery
Why are yellow borders
surrounding the thumbnails in the
Color Saturation and Color Tone
areas in the gallery?
The image on Slide 3 currently has
normal color saturation and a
normal color tone.
desired Washout
color for Slide 1
desired color
for Slide 3
Figure 3 – 3
Point to Blue, Accent color 1
Light (second picture in last row
of Recolor area) to display a live
preview of this adjustment on
the picture.
color applied
to picture
Point to various thumbnails in the
Recolor area and watch the hues
change on the picture in Slide 3.
Click Blue, Accent color 1 Light to
apply this correction to the Bird
Rel ect picture (Figure 3– 4).
Could I have applied this correction
to the picture if it had been a
background instead of a i le
inserted into the slide?
No. Artistic effects cannot be
applied to backgrounds.
Figure 3 – 4
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