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Inserting Pictures and Adding Effects
To Color a Second Picture
The Slide 1 picture has rich hues and is very prominent on the slide. To soften its
appearance and to provide continuity with the Slide 3 picture, you can color this picture.
The following steps color the picture on the title slide.
Display Slide 1 and then click the picture to select it. Click the Color button (Picture Tools
Format tab | Adjust group) to display the Color gallery.
Click Washout (fourth picture in i rst row of Recolor area) to apply this correction to the
Bird Rel ect picture (Figure 3–5).
Color button
Washout color
Figure 3 – 5
To Add an Artistic Effect to a Picture
Artists use a variety of techniques to create effects in their paintings. For example, they can vary the amount of
paint on their brushstroke, use i ne bristles to add details, mix colors to increase or decrease intensity, and smooth
their paints together to blend the colors. You, likewise, can add similar effects to your pictures using PowerPoint’s
built-in artistic effects. The following steps add an artistic effect to the Slide 3 picture.
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