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Inserting Pictures and Adding Effects
Artistic Effects
With the Birds in Sky picture
selected in Slide 1, click the Artistic
Effects button (Picture Tools
Format tab | Adjust group) to
display the Artistic Effects gallery
(Figure 3–6).
Why does the Adjust group look
different on my screen?
Your monitor is set to a different
resolution. See Chapter 1 for an
explanation of screen resolution
and the appearance of the Ribbon.
no effect
Glow Diffused
effect will be
applied to Slide 3
Film Grain artistic
effect will be
applied to Slide 1
Why is a yellow border
surrounding the i rst thumbnail in
the gallery?
The i rst thumbnail shows a
preview of the image on Slide 1
with no artistic effect applied.
Figure 3 – 6
Point to Film Grain (third picture in
third row) to display a live preview
of this adjustment on the picture.
Point to various thumbnails and
Film Grain
artistic effect
watch the hues change on the
picture in Slide 1.
Click Film Grain to apply this
correction to the Birds in Sky
picture (Figure 3–7).
Must I adjust a picture by
recoloring and applying an
artistic effect?
No. You can apply either a color or
an effect. You may prefer at times
to mix these adjustments to create
a unique image.
Figure 3 – 7
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