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Inserting Pictures and Adding Effects
To Add an Artistic Effect to a Second Picture
The Slide 3 picture was softened when you applied a blue accent color. You can
further change the images and provide continuity with the Slide 1 picture by applying
an artistic effect. The following steps add an artistic effect to the Slide 3 picture.
Display Slide 3 and then click the picture to select it. If necessary, click the Picture Tools
Format tab and then click the Artistic Effects button (Picture Tools Format tab | Adjust
group) to display the Artistic Effects gallery.
Click Glow Diffused (fourth picture in second row) to apply this effect to the Bird Rel ect
picture (Figure 3–8).
Send Backward
button arrow
Glow Diffused
artistic effect
Figure 3 – 8
To Change the Stacking Order
The objects on a slide stack on top of each other, much like individual cards in a deck. On Slides 1 and 3,
the pictures you inserted are on top of text placeholders. To change the order of these objects, you use the Bring
Forward and Send Backward commands. Bring Forward moves an object toward the top of the stack, and
Send Backward moves an object underneath another object. When you click the Bring Forward button arrow,
PowerPoint displays a menu with an additional command, Bring to Front , which moves a selected object to the top
of the stack. Likewise, when you click the Send Backward button arrow, the Send to Back button moves the selected
object underneath all objects on the slide. The following steps arrange the Slide 3 and Slide 1 pictures by sending
them to the bottom of the stack on each slide.
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