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Modifying Placeholders and Deleting a Slide
Modifying Placeholders and Deleting a Slide
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You have become familiar with inserting text and graphical content in the three types of
placeholders: title, subtitle, and content. These placeholders can be moved, resized, and
deleted to meet desired design requirements. In addition, placeholders can be added to
a slide when needed. After you have modii ed the placeholder locations, you can view
thumbnails of all your slides simultaneously by changing views.
In the following pages, you will perform these tasks:
1. Resize and move the Slide 1 title text placeholder.
2. Delete the Slide 1 subtitle text placeholder.
3. Align the Slide 1 and Slide 3 paragraph text.
4. Delete Slide 4.
5. Change views.
To Resize a Placeholder
The AutoFit button displays on the left side of the Slide 1 title text placeholder because the two lines of text
exceed the placeholder’s borders. PowerPoint attempts to reduce the font size when the text does not i t, and you can
click this button to resize the existing text in the placeholder so the spillover text will i t within the borders. You also
can resize the placeholder so that the letters i t within the rectangle. The following step increases the Slide 1 title
text placeholder.
With Slide 1 displaying, click
title text placeholder
border is solid line
somewhere in the title text
paragraph to position the insertion
point in the paragraph. Click the
border of the title text placeholder
to select it. Point to the bottom-
middle sizing handle so that the
mouse pointer changes to a
two-headed arrow.
circle sizing
square sizing
mouse pointer
changes to two-
headed arrow
Drag the bottom border downward
to enlarge the text placeholder
(Figure 3–12).
Can I drag other sizing handles to
enlarge or shrink the placeholder?
Yes, you also can drag the left,
right, top, and corner sizing handles to
resize a placeholder.
bottom border dragged
downward to enlarge title
text placeholder
Figure 3 – 12
How do the square sizing handles differ from circle sizing handles?
Dragging a square handle alters the shape of the text box so that it is wider or taller.
Dragging a circle handle keeps the box in the same proportion and simply enlarges the
overall shape.
To Move a Placeholder
The theme layouts determine where the text and content placeholders display on the slide. If you desire to have
a placeholder appear in a different area of the slide, you can move it to a new location. The Slide 1 title text place-
holder currently displays in the upper third of the slide, but the text in this placeholder would be more aesthetically
pleasing if it were moved toward the center of the slide. The following step moves the Slide 1 title text placeholder.
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