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Modifying Placeholders and Deleting a Slide
With the Slide 1 title text
placeholder border displaying as a
solid line, point to an area of the
bottom border between two sizing
handles so that the mouse pointer
changes to a four-headed arrow.
What if the placeholder border
displays as a dotted line?
Click the border to change the line
from dotted to solid.
title text
to desired
Can I click any part of the border, or
do I need to click the bottom edge?
You can click any of the four
border lines.
Drag the placeholder downward so
that it overlaps part of the subtitle
text placeholder (Figure 3–13).
Figure 3 – 13
Click to set the placeholder in its new location.
To Delete a Placeholder
Reusing Placeholders
If you need to show
the same formatted
placeholder on multiple
slides, you may want to
customize a slide master
and insert a placeholder
into a slide layout. Using
a slide master saves you
time because you do not
need to type the same
information in more
than one slide. The slide
master is useful when
you have extremely long
presentations. Every
document theme has
several slide masters that
indicate the size and
position of text and object
placeholders. Any change
you make to a slide master
results in changing that
component in every slide
of the presentation.
When you run a slide show, empty placeholders do not display. You may desire to
delete unused placeholders from a slide so that they are not a distraction when you are
designing slide content. The subtitle text placeholder on Slide 1 is not required for this
presentation, so you can remove it. The following steps remove the Slide 1 subtitle text
Click a border of the subtitle text placeholder so that it displays as a solid line or i ne dots
(Figure 3–14).
What if the placeholder border is displaying as a dotted line?
Click the border to change the line from dotted to solid or i ne dots.
Press the DELETE key to remove the placeholder.
Can I click the Cut button (Home tab | Clipboard group) to delete the placeholder?
Yes. Clicking the Cut button deletes the placeholder if it does not contain any text.
subtitle placeholder
border is solid line
Figure 3 – 14
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