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Modifying Placeholders and Deleting a Slide
Vary paragraph alignment.
Designers use alignment within paragraphs to aid readability and to indicate relationships
among slide elements. English language readers are accustomed to seeing paragraphs that
are aligned left. When paragraphs are aligned right, the viewer’s eyes are drawn to this
unexpected text design. If your paragraph is short, consider centering or right-aligning the
text for emphasis.
To Align Paragraph Text
The presentation theme determines the formatting characteristics of fonts and colors. It also establishes
paragraph formatting, including the alignment of text. Some themes center the text paragraphs between the left and
right placeholder borders, while others left-align the paragraph so that the i rst character of a text line is near the
left border or right-align the paragraph so that the last character of a text line is near the right border. The para-
graph also can be justii ed so that the text is aligned to both the left and right borders. When PowerPoint justii es
text, it adds extras spaces between the words to i ll the entire line.
The words, Birds of a Feather, are centered in the Slide 1 title text placeholder. Later, you will add clip art
above the word, Feather, so you desire to left-align the paragraph to make room for this art. In addition, the words
in the Slide 3 title text placeholder, Bird Migration, are covering the bird in the picture. You can right-align these
words to uncover the bird in the lower-left corner. The following steps change the alignment of the Slide 1 and Slide
3 title placeholders.
Center button is
selected, indicating
text is centered in
With the Home
tab displayed, click
somewhere in the
title text paragraph
of Slide 1 to position
the insertion point in
the paragraph
to be formatted
(Figure 3–15).
centered text in
insertion point
in title text
Figure 3 – 15
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