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Copying and Modifying a Clip
Occasionally, you may want to remove or change a portion of a clip art picture or
you might want to combine two or more clip art pictures. For example, you can use one
clip art picture for the background and another picture as the foreground. Other times,
you may want to combine a clip art picture with another type of object. In this presenta-
tion, the bird picture has a yellow background that is not required to display on the slide,
so you will ungroup the clip art picture and remove the background.
Modifying the clip on Slide 1 requires several steps. You i rst must copy it using
the Ofi ce Clipboard and then paste it in the desired location. The Ofi ce Clipboard is a
temporary storage location that can hold a maximum of 24 text or graphics items copied
from any Ofi ce program. The same procedure of copying and pasting objects works for
copying and pasting text from one placeholder to another. In the following pages, you will
perform these tasks:
1. Copy the clip from Slide 2 to Slide 1.
2. Zoom Slide 1 to examine the clip.
3. Ungroup the clip.
4. Edit and change the clip colors.
5. Delete a clip object.
6. Regroup the clip.
To Copy a Clip from One Slide to Another
The bird clip on Slide 2 also can display in a modii ed form on the title slide. The following steps copy this
slide element from Slide 2 to Slide 1.
tab displayed, click the bird clip to
select it and then click the Copy
button (Home tab | Clipboard group)
(Figure 3–23).
Why are some words on Slide 2
underlined with red wavy lines?
Those words are not in PowerPoint’s
main or custom dictionaries, so
PowerPoint indicates that they may
be misspelled. For example, the word,
Syringeal, is spelled correctly, but is
not in PowerPoint’s dictionaries.
Display Slide 2. With the Home
Copy button puts
duplicate copy of clip
on Ofi ce Clipboard
red wavy lines
indicate possibly
misspelled words
sizing handles
indicate clip is
Display Slide 1 and then click the
Paste button (Home tab | Clipboard
group) to insert the bird clip into the
title slide.
Is the clip deleted from the Ofi ce
Clipboard when I paste it into
the slide?
Figure 3 – 23
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