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Copying and Modifying a Clip
To Ungroup a Clip
The next step is to ungroup the bird clip on Slide 1. When you ungroup a clip art picture, PowerPoint
breaks it into its component objects. A clip may be composed of a few individual objects or several complex groups
of objects. These groups can be ungrouped repeatedly until they decompose into individual objects. Because a clip
art picture is a collection of complex groups of objects, you may need to ungroup a complex object into less com-
plex objects before being able to modify a specii c object. When you ungroup a clip and click the Yes button in
the Microsoft PowerPoint dialog box, PowerPoint converts the clip to a PowerPoint object. The following steps
ungroup a clip.
With the bird clip selected, click
Picture Tools
Format tab
Format on the Ribbon to display
the Picture Tools Format tab.
Click the Group button (Picture
Tools Format tab | Arrange group)
to display the Group menu
(Figure 3–26).
Group menu
Why does the Group button look
different on my screen?
Your monitor is set to a different
resolution. See Chapter 1 for an
explanation of screen resolution and
the appearance of the Ribbon.
Figure 3 – 26
Click Ungroup on the Group menu
Microsoft PowerPoint
dialog box
to display the Microsoft PowerPoint
dialog box (Figure 3–27).
clicking Yes button
converts picture to
a drawing object
Figure 3 – 27
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