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Copying and Modifying a Clip
Drawing Tools
Format tab
Click the Yes button (Microsoft
PowerPoint dialog box) to convert
the clip to a Microsoft Ofi ce
What happens if I click the No
The clip will remain displayed on the
slide as a clip art picture and will not
Click Format on the Ribbon to display
the Drawing Tools Format tab. Click
the Group button (Drawing Tools
Format tab | Arrange group) and
then click Ungroup again.
sizing handles
indicate objects
that constitute
the bird clip
Why does the Drawing Tools Format
tab show different options this time?
The clip has become a drawing
object, so tools related to drawing
now display.
With the Drawing Tools Format tab
displayed, click the Group button
(Drawing Tools Format tab | Arrange
group), and then click Ungroup a
third time to display the objects that constitute the bird clip (Figure 3–28).
Why do all those circles and squares display in the clip?
The circles and squares are sizing handles for each of the clip’s objects, which resemble pieces
of a jigsaw puzzle.
Figure 3 – 28
Other Ways
1. Right-click clip, point
to Group on shortcut
menu, click Ungroup
2. Press SHIFT + CTRL + G
To Change the Color of a Clip Object
Now that the bird picture is ungrouped, you can change the color of the objects. The clip is composed of
hundreds of objects, so you must exercise care when selecting the correct object to modify. The following steps
change the color of the bird’s mouth and the leaves.
Click outside the clip area to display
the clip without the sizing handles
around the objects.
clicking bird’s
mouth displays
sizing handles for
selected object
Click the bird’s mouth to display
sizing handles around the colored
area (Figure 3–29).
What if I selected a different area
by mistake?
Click outside the clip and retry.
Figure 3 – 29
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