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Copying and Modifying a Clip
To Regroup Objects
When you ungrouped the bird clip, you eliminated the embedding data or linking information that tied all the
individual pieces together. If you attempt to move or size this clip now, you might encounter difi culties because it
consists of hundreds of objects and is no longer one unii ed piece. Dragging or sizing affects only a selected object,
not the entire collection of objects, so you must use caution when objects are not completely regrouped. All of
the ungrouped objects in the bird clip must be regrouped so they are not accidentally moved or manipulated. The
following steps regroup these objects into one object.
With the clip selected,
click the Drawing
Tools Format tab and
then click the Group
button (Drawing Tools
Format tab | Arrange
group) to display
the Group menu
(Figure 3–37).
Group menu
Click Regroup to
combine all the
Use the Zoom slider to
change the zoom level
to 69%.
Figure 3 –37
Other Ways
1. Right-click clip, point
to Group on shortcut
menu, click Regroup
2. Press CTRL + G
Use multimedia selectively.
PowerPoint makes it easy to insert multimedia into a presentation. Well-produced video
clips add value when they help explain a procedure or show movement that cannot be
captured in a photograph. Music can help calm or energize an audience, when appropri-
ate. A sound, such as applause when a correct answer is given, can emphasize an action.
Before you insert these i les on a slide, however, consider whether they really add any value
to your overall slide show. If you are inserting them just because you can, you might want
to reconsider your decision. Audiences quickly tire of extraneous sounds and movement
on slides, and they will i nd these media clips annoying. Keep in mind that the audience’s
attention should focus primarily on the presenter; extraneous or inappropriate media i les
may divert their attention and, in turn, decrease the quality of the presentation.
If you wish to take a break, this is a good place to do so. Be sure to save the Bird Migration i le again and
then you can quit PowerPoint. To resume at a later time, start PowerPoint, open the i le called Bird Migration, and continue
following the steps from this location forward.
Break Point:
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