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Adding Media to Slides
Adding Media to Slides
Media i les can enrich a presentation if they are used correctly. Movies i les can have
two formats: digital video produced with a camera and editing software or animated
GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) i les composed of multiple images combined into
a single i le. Sound i les can be from the Microsoft Clip Organizer, i les stored on your
computer, or an audio track on a CD. To hear the sounds, you need a sound card and
speakers on your system.
In the following pages, you will perform these tasks:
1. Insert a video i le into Slide 3.
2. Trim the video i le so only the i nal few seconds play.
3. Add video options that determine the clip’s appearance and playback.
4. Insert audio i les.
5. Add audio options that determine the clips’ appearance and playback.
6. Add a video style to the Slide 3 clip.
7. Resize the video.
8. Insert a movie clip into Slide 1.
To Insert a Video File
Slide 3 has the title, Bird Migration, and you have a video clip that is composed of many scenes featuring various
animals and birds. A short segment of this clip shows a l ock of birds on a beach, and you want to use only this part of
the clip in your presentation. PowerPoint allows you to insert this clip into your slide and then trim the i le so that just
a portion will play when you preview the clip or run the slide show. This clip is available on the Data Files for Students.
See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact your
instructor for more information about accessing the required i le. The following steps insert this video clip into Slide 3.
Insert Video
dialog box
Insert Video
Display Slide 3 and
Wildlife i le
is selected
then display the
Insert tab. With
your USB l ash drive
connected to one of
the computer’s USB
ports, click the Insert
Video button (Insert
tab | Media group)
to display the Insert
Video dialog box.
Your list of
i les may vary
If the list of i les and
folders on the selected
USB l ash drive are not
displayed in the Insert
Video dialog box,
double-click your USB
l ash drive to display
Insert button
Click Wildlife to select
the i le (Figure 3–38).
Figure 3 –38
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