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Searching the Web
E-commerce , short for electronic commerce, is a business transaction that occurs over an electronic
network such as the Internet. Anyone with access to a computer or mobile device, an Internet connection,
and a means to pay for purchased goods or services can participate in e-commerce.
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Searching the Web
The Web is a worldwide resource of information. A primary reason that people use the Web is to
search for specific information, including text, pictures, music, and video. The first step in successful
searching is to identify the main idea or concept in the topic about which you are seeking informa-
tion. Determine any synonyms, alternate spellings, or variant word forms for the topic. Then, use a
search tool to locate the information.
Two types of search tools are search engines and subject directories. A search engine is a
program that finds Web sites, Web pages, images, videos, news, maps, and other information related
to a specific topic. A search engine is helpful in locating information for which you do not know an
exact Web address or are not seeking a particular Web site. Search engines require that you enter
a word or phrase, called search text , that describes the item you want to find. Figure 41 shows
one way to use the Google search engine to search for the phrase, Aspen Colorado ski resorts. A
subject directory classifies Web pages in an organized set of categories or groups, such as sports or
Step 2
Press the ENTER key. When the Google Web page is displayed,
type Aspen Colorado ski resorts as the search text
and then point to the Google Search button.
Step 1
Type the search engine’s Web address (in this case,
in the Address bar in the Web browser.
Address bar
Address bar
search text
Google Search
Step 3
Click the Google Search button. When the results of the search are
displayed, scroll through the links and read the descriptions. Point to
the Aspen Snowmass link.
Step 4
Click the Aspen Snowmass link to display a Web page with a description and
links to skiing in Aspen.
results of search
Aspen Snowmass
Figure 41
This figure shows how to use a search engine.
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