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In Depth Information
Adding Media to Slides
Click the Insert
Video Tools
Format tab
button (Insert Video
dialog box) to insert
the movie clip into
Slide 3 (Figure 3–39).
Play button
sizing handles
indicate video is
Move Forward
0.25 Seconds
Move Back
0.25 Seconds
progress bar
Figure 3 –39
Can I adjust the color of a video clip?
Yes. You correct the brightness and contrast, and you also recolor a video clip using the same
methods you learned in this chapter to color a picture.
To Trim a Video File
The Wildlife video has a running time of slightly more than 30 seconds. The approximately six-second
segment that you want to use in your presentation begins 24 seconds into the i le and i nishes at the end of the clip.
PowerPoint’s Trim Video feature allows you to trim the beginning and end of your clip by designating your desired
Start Time and End Time. These precise time measurements are accurate to one-thousandth of a second. The start
point is indicated by a green marker, and the end point is indicated by a red marker. The following steps trim the
Wildlife video clip.
Using Codecs
Digital media i le sizes often are quite large, so video and audio content developers use a codec ( co mpressor/ dec ompressor) to reduce
the required storage space and to transfer the i les across the Internet quickly and smoothly. Your computer can play any compressed
i le if the specii c codec used to compress the i le is available on your computer. If the codec is not installed or is not recognized, your
computer attempts to download this i le from the Internet. Microsoft Windows Media Encoder is a free program that makes some media
i les compatible with PowerPoint.
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