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Adding Media to Slides
Trim Video
With the video clip selected on Slide
Trim Video
dialog box
Video Tools
Playback tab
3, click the Play/Pause button to play
the entire video.
Can I play the video by clicking the
Play button in the Preview group?
Yes. This Play button plays the entire
clip. You may prefer to click the Play/
Pause button displayed in
the Video Controls to stop the video
and examine one of the
total length
of video
Click Playback on the Ribbon to
display the Video Tools Playback tab.
Click the Trim Video button (Editing
group) to display the Trim Video
dialog box (Figure 3– 40).
red marker
end point
green marker
indicates start
Figure 3 – 40
Point to the start point, which is
indicated by the green marker on
the left side, so that the mouse
pointer changes to a two-headed
video frame
that displays at
new start time
Drag the green marker to the right
until the Start Time is 00:24:634
(Figure 3– 41).
Can I specify the start or end times
without dragging the markers?
Yes. You can enter the time in the
Start Time or End Time boxes, or
you can click the Start Time or End
Time box arrows. You also can click
the Next Frame and Previous Frame
buttons (Trim Video dialog box).
new start time
green marker
dragged to
new location
Next Frame button
How would I indicate an end point
if I want the clip to end at a time
other than at the end of the clip?
You would drag the red marker to
the left until the desired end time displays.
Play button
OK button
Figure 3 – 41
Click the Play button (Trim Video dialog box) to review the shortened video clip.
Other Ways
Click the OK button to set the Start Time and End Time and to close the Trim Video dialog box.
1. Right-click clip, click Trim
Video on shortcut menu
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