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Adding Media to Slides
To Add Video Options
Once the video clip is inserted into Slide 3, you can specify options that affect how the i le is displayed and
played. For example, you can have the video play automatically when the slide is displayed, or you can click the slide
when you are ready to start the playback. You also can have the video i ll the entire slide, which is referred to as full
screen . If you decide to play the slide show automatically and have it display full screen, you can drag the video
frame to the gray area off the slide so that it does not display briel y before going to full screen. You can select the
Loop until Stopped option to have the video repeat until you click the next slide, or you can choose to not have the
video frame display on the slide until you click the slide.
If your video clip has recorded sounds, the volume controls give you the option to set how loudly this audio
will play. They also allow you to mute the sound so that your audience will hear no background noise or music.
The following steps add the options of playing the video full screen automatically when Slide 3 is displayed
and also mutes the background music recorded on the video clip.
Start box
If necessary, click Playback on the
Ribbon to display the Video Tools
Playback tab. Click the Start box
(Video Tools Playback tab | Video
Options group) to view the Start
menu (Figure 3– 42).
Video Tools
Playback tab
Start menu
On Click is default
Start setting
What does the On Click option do?
The video clip would begin playing
when a presenter clicks the slide
during the slide show.
Figure 3 – 42
menu (Figure 3– 43).
Click Automatically in the Start
Automatically Start
setting is selected
Play Full Screen
check box is
not checked
Figure 3 – 43
Play Full Screen
check box is
Click the Play Full Screen check box
(Video Tools Playback tab | Video
Options group) to place a check
mark in it.
Click the Volume button (Video
Tools Playback tab | Video Options
group) to display the Volume
menu (Figure 3– 44).
Volume menu
High is default
volume setting
Mute is desired
volume setting
Click Mute in the Volume menu.
Figure 3 – 44
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