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Adding Media to Slides
To Insert an Audio File
Avid bird watchers listen to the songs and calls birds make to each other. The Microsoft Clip Organizer and
Ofi have several of these sounds in audio i les that you can download and insert into your presentation. Once
these audio i les are inserted into a slide, you can add options that specify how long and how loudly the clip will play;
these options are similar to the video options you just selected for the Wildlife video clip. The following steps insert
an audio clip into Slide 3.
With Slide 3
Audio button
displaying, click
Insert on the Ribbon
to display the Insert
tab and then click
the Insert Audio
button arrow (Insert
tab | Media group)
to display the Insert
Audio menu
(Figure 3– 45).
Insert tab
Clip Art Audio
Audio menu
Figure 3 – 45
Click Clip Art Audio
be box
in the Insert Audio
menu to open the
Clip Art task pane.
Clip Art task
Click the ‘Results
All media types
check box is not
should be’ box arrow
and then click the
‘All media types’
check box to remove
the check mark from
each of the four
types of media i les.
Audio check box
is checked
Click the Audio
check box to place
a check mark in it
(Figure 3– 46).
Can I use this
technique to search
solely for videos,
photographs, or
Yes. You also can search for a combination
of these i le types, such as both video and audio i les.
Figure 3 – 46
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