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Adding Media to Slides
If necessary, delete any letters that
are present in the Search for text box
and then type Glade Birds in
the Search for text box. If necessary,
click the ‘Include Ofi content’
check box to select it.
Go button
clip keywords in
Search for text box
Click the Go button so that the
Microsoft Clip Organizer will search
for and display all clips having the
keyword or title, Glade Birds.
check box
is selected
blue border indicates
desired clip is selected
Point to the Glade Birds clip to
display the properties of this i le
(Figure 3– 47).
What if the Glade Birds audio clip is
not shown in my Clip Art task pane?
Select a similar clip. Your clips may
be different depending on the
clips installed on your computer
and if you have an active Internet
clip properties
Figure 3 – 47
What are the properties associated with this clip?
The properties include the number of seconds of playing time, the i le size, and the type
of audio i le. This i le is a Windows waveform (.wav) i le, which uses a standard format
to encode and communicate music and sound between computers, music synthesizers,
and instruments.
Right-click the Glade Birds clip to
select the clip and to display the Edit
menu (Figure 3– 48).
Edit menu
Figure 3 –48
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