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Adding Media to Slides
Drag the sound icon
to the upper-left
corner of the slide
(Figure 3–51).
Must I move the icon
on the slide?
No. Although your
audience will not see
the icon when you
run the slide show, it
is easier for you to see
the media elements
when they are
separated on the slide
rather than stacked on
top of each other.
sound icon moved
to desired location
Figure 3 –51
To Add Audio Options
Once an audio clip is inserted into a slide, you can specify options that control playback and appearance. As with
the video options you applied to the Wildlife clip, the audio clip can play either automatically or when clicked, it can
repeat the clip while a particular slide is displayed, and you can drag the sound icon off the slide and set the volume.
The following steps add the options of starting automatically and playing until the slide no longer is displayed,
hiding the sound icon on the slide, and increasing the volume.
Audio Tools
Playback tab
Loop until
Stopped check box
is not checked
Click Playback on the
Start box
Ribbon to display the
Audio Tools Playback
tab. Click the Start box
(Audio Tools Playback
tab | Audio Options
group) to display the
Start box menu
(Figure 3–52).
Start menu
Hide During
Show check
box is not
On Click
command is
default option
Play across
slides command
plays entire clip
the Start menu.
Does the On Click
option function the
same way for an audio
clip as On Click does
for a video clip?
Yes. If you were to
select On Click, the
sound would begin
playing only after the
presenter clicks Slide 1
during a presentation.
Click Automatically in
Figure 3 –52
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