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Adding Media to Slides
Click the Hide During Show check box (Audio Tools Playback tab | Audio Options group).
Click the Volume button (Audio Tools Playback tab | Audio Options group) and then
change the volume to Medium (Figure 3–54).
option is selected
Loop until
Stopped check
box is checked
Hide During
Show check
box is checked
sound icon for
Birds at dawn clip
moved to desired
Figure 3 –54
To Add a Video Style
The Wildlife video clip on Slide 3 displays full screen when it is playing, but you can increase the visual appeal
of the clip when it is not playing by applying a video style. The video styles are similar to the picture styles you
applied in Chapter 2 and include various shapes, angles, borders, and rel ections. The following steps apply a video
style to the Wildlife clip on Slide 3.
Video Tools
Format tab
Display Slide 3 and
select the video. Click
Format on the Ribbon
to display the Video
Tools Format tab
(Figure 3–55).
Video Styles group
More button
sizing handles
indicate video
is selected
Figure 3 –55
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