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Adding Media to Slides
To Resize a Video
The Wildlife video size can be decreased to i ll the space on the right side of the slide. You resize a video
clip in the same manner that you resize clip art and pictures. The following steps resize this video using a sizing
resized video
With the video clip
selected, drag the
lower-left corner
sizing handle on the
photograph diagonally
inward until the
photograph is resized
to approximately
3.9” 3 6.93”.
video sized
and moved to
desired location
Drag the clip to the
location shown in
Figure 3–58.
Figure 3 –58
To Insert a Movie Clip
PowerPoint classii es animated GIF i les as a type of video or movie because the clips have movement or
action. These i les are commonplace on Web sites. They also are found in PowerPoint presentations when you want
to call attention to material on a particular slide. You can insert them into a PowerPoint presentation in the same
manner that you insert video and audio i les. They play automatically when the slide is displayed. The following
steps insert a music notes video clip into Slide 1.
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