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Adding Media to Slides
Insert Picture
dialog box
Display Slide 1 and then display the
Insert tab.
Click the Picture button (Insert tab |
Images group) to display the Insert
Picture dialog box.
If necessary, navigate to the Chapter 3
i les on your USB drive.
Click Music Notes to select the i le
(Figure 3–59).
Why does my list of i les look
The list of picture i les can vary
depending upon the contents of
your USB drive and the organization
of those i les into folders for each
picture i le
Can I search for animated GIF i les in
the Microsoft Clip Organizer?
Yes. Click the Video button arrow
(Insert tab | Media group), click Clip
Art Video, click the Videos check box
(Clip Art task pane), type the search
text, and then click the Go button.
Insert button
Figure 3 –59
Click the Insert button (Insert Picture
dialog box) to insert the Music Notes
animated GIF clip into Slide 1.
Resize the clip so that it is
approximately 1” 3 1.47”.
Drag the clip to the location shown
in Figure 3–60.
Why is the animation not showing?
Animated GIF i les move only in
Slide Show view and Reading view.
clip moved
to desired
Figure 3 –60
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