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Reviewing and Revising Individual Slides
To Find and Insert a Synonym
When reviewing your slide show, you may decide that a particular word does not express the exact usage you
intended or that you used the same word on multiple slides. In these cases, you could i nd a synonym , or word similar in
meaning, to replace the inappropriate or duplicate word. PowerPoint provides a thesaurus , which is a list of synonyms
and antonyms, to help you i nd a replacement word.
In this project, you want to i nd a synonym to replace the word, Defend, on Slide 2. The following steps locate
an appropriate synonym and replace the word.
With Slide 2 displaying, right-click
the word, Defend, to display a
shortcut menu.
word to be
looked up
Point to Synonyms on the shortcut
menu to display a list of synonyms
for this word (Figure 3– 63).
synonym to
be selected
list of
clicking Thesaurus
command displays
Research task pane
Figure 3 –63
Click the synonym you want
(Protect) on the Synonyms submenu
to replace the word, Defend, in the
presentation with the word, Protect
(Figure 3– 64).
word, Defend,
changed to
synonym, Protect
Figure 3 –64
Foreign Language
The thesaurus contains
synonyms for languages
other than English. To look
up words in the thesaurus of
another language, click the
Thesaurus button (Review
tab | Prooi ng group), click
Research options (Research
task pane), select the desired
languages in the Reference
Books area, and then click
the OK button.
What if a suitable word does not display in the Synonyms submenu?
You can display the thesaurus in the Research task pane by clicking Thesaurus on the
Synonyms submenu. A complete thesaurus with synonyms displays in the Research task pane
along with an antonym , which is a word with an opposite meaning.
Other Ways
1. Click Thesaurus (Review
tab | Prooi ng group)
2. Press SHIFT + F7
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