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Reviewing and Revising Individual Slides
To Add Notes
As you create slides, you may i nd material you want to state verbally and do not want to include on the slide.
You can type and format notes in the Notes pane as you work in Normal view and then print this information as
notes pages . After adding comments, you can print a set of speaker notes. These notes will print below a small
image of the slide. Charts, tables, and pictures added to the Notes pane also print on these pages. In this project,
comments were included on Slide 2 when you opened that i le. The following steps add text to the Notes pane on
Slides 1 and 3.
Display Slide 1, click
the Notes pane, and
then type More
than 10,000
species of
birds exist
in the world.
The largest
bird is the
ostrich, and
the smallest
is the
They generally
live in small
groups, but
some form huge
flocks with
thousands of members and a variety of species. Flocks help
keep the birds safe while they search for food. (Figure 3– 65).
What if I cannot see all the lines I typed?
You can drag the splitter bar up to enlarge the Notes pane. Clicking the Notes pane scroll
arrows allows you to view the entire text.
Notes pane
scroll arrows
dragging splitter bar up
will enlarge Notes pane
Slide 1
Figure 3 –65
the Notes pane, and
then type Birds
migrate to
benefit from
warm weather.
Some can fly
more than 6,000
miles without
stopping. We
can help bird
migration by
providing food,
shelters, nest
sites, and
water. (Figure 3– 66).
Display Slide 3, click
Slide 3
Figure 3 –66
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