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Reviewing and Revising Individual Slides
Replace the misspelled
word, territeory, with
the word, territory
(Figure 3– 69).
When the word,
Syringeal, is l agged,
click the Ignore
button (Spelling
dialog box) to skip
the correctly spelled
word, Syringeal, and
then continue the
spelling check.
spelled words
l agged word
appears in Not in
Dictionary box as
possible misspelling
Syringeal is l agged as
a possible misspelled
word. Why?
Your custom
dictionary does not
contain the word,
so it is recognized as
spelled incorrectly.
You can add this word
to a custom dictionary
to prevent the spelling
checker from l agging
it as a mistake.
Ignore All
Ignore button
clicking Spell Check
icon also starts
spelling checker
Figure 3 –69
Could I have clicked the Ignore All button instead of the Ignore button?
Yes. When you click the Ignore All button, you ignore the current and future occurrences of
the word.
Continue checking all l agged words in the presentation. When the Microsoft PowerPoint
dialog box appears, click the OK button (Microsoft PowerPoint dialog box) to close the
spelling checker and return to the current slide, Slide 2, or to the slide where a possible
misspelled word appeared.
Other Ways
1. Click Spell Check icon on
status bar, click Spelling
on shortcut menu
2. Right-click l agged word,
click correct word or
click Spelling on shortcut
3. Press F7
To Insert a Slide Number
PowerPoint can insert the slide number on your slides automatically to indicate where the slide is positioned
within the presentation. The number location on the slide is determined by the presentation theme. You have the
option to not display this slide number on the title slide. The following steps insert the slide number on all slides
except the title slide.
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