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Reviewing and Revising Individual Slides
Click the Apply to All button
(Header and Footer dialog box) to
close the dialog box and insert the
slide number on all slides except
Slide 1 (Figure 3– 72).
slide number
displays in
slide footer
Figure 3 –72
How does clicking the Apply to All button differ from clicking the Apply button?
The Apply button inserts the slide number only on the currently displayed slide
whereas the Apply to All button inserts the slide number on every slide.
Other Ways
1. Click Header & Footer
button (Insert tab | Text
group), click Slide Number
box (Header and Footer
dialog box), click ‘Slide
number’ and ‘Don’t show
on title slide’ boxes, click
Apply to All button
Use handouts to organize your speech.
As you develop a lengthy presentation with many visuals, handouts may help you organize
your material. Print handouts with the maximum number of slides per page. Use scissors
to cut each thumbnail and then place these miniature slide images adjacent to each other
on a l at surface. Any type on the thumbnails will be too small to read, so the images will
need to work with only the support of the verbal message you provide. You can rearrange
these thumbnails as you organize your speech. When you return to your computer, you can
rearrange the slides on your screen to match the order of your thumbnail printouts. Begin
speaking the actual words you want to incorporate in the body of the talk. This process of
glancing at the thumbnails and hearing yourself say the key ideas of the speech is one of
the best methods of organizing and preparing for the actual presentation. Ultimately, when
you deliver your speech in front of an audience, the images on the slides or on your note
cards should be sufi cient to remind you of the accompanying verbal message.
To Preview and Print a Handout
Printing handouts is useful for reviewing a presentation because you can analyze several slides displayed
simultaneously on one page. Additionally, many businesses distribute handouts of the slide show before or after a
presentation so attendees can refer to a copy. Each page of the handout can contain reduced images of one, two,
three, four, six, or nine slides. The three-slides-per-page handout includes lines beside each slide so that your
audience can write notes conveniently. The following steps preview and print a presentation handout.
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