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Reviewing and Revising Individual Slides
Evaluate your presentation.
One of the best methods of improving your communication skills is to focus on what you
learned from the experience. Respond to these questions:
How successfully do you feel you fuli lled your assignment?
What strategies did you use to develop your slides and the accompanying oral
What revisions did you make?
If you could go back to the speaking engagement and change one thing, what would it be?
What feedback did you receive from your instructor or audience?
To Change Document Properties
Before saving the presentation again, you want to add your name, class name, and
some keywords as document properties. The following steps use the Document Informa-
tion Panel to change document properties.
Quick Reference
For a table that lists how
to complete the tasks
covered in this topic
using the mouse, Ribbon,
shortcut menu, and
keyboard, see the Quick
Reference Summary at
the back of this topic, or
visit the PowerPoint 2010
Quick Reference Web page
In the Backstage view, click the Properties button in the right pane of the Info gallery, and
then click Show Document Panel on the Properties menu to close the Backstage view and
display the Document Information Panel.
Enter your name in the Author text box. Enter your course and section in the Subject text
box. Enter the text, bird, migration, singing in the Keywords text box.
Close the Document Information Panel.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to overwrite the previous Bird Migra-
tion i le on the USB l ash drive.
To Run a Slide Show with Media
All changes are complete, and the presentation is saved. You now can view the Bird
Migration presentation. The following steps start Slide Show view.
Certii cation
The Microsoft Ofi ce
Specialist (MOS)
program provides an
opportunity for you
to obtain a valuable
industry credential —
proof that you have the
PowerPoint 2010 skills
required by employers.
For more information,
visit the PowerPoint 2010
Certii cation Web page
Click the Slide 1 thumbnail in the Slide pane to select and display Slide 1.
Click the Slide Show button to display the title slide, watch the animations, and listen to
the bird calls. Allow the audio clip to repeat several times.
Press the SPACEBAR to display Slide 2.
Press the SPACEBAR to display Slide 3. Listen to the audio clip, watch the video clip, and
then allow the audio clip to repeat several times.
Press the SPACEBAR to end the slide show and click to exit the slide show.
To Quit PowerPoint
This project is complete. The following steps quit PowerPoint.
Click the Close button on the right side of the title bar to close the document and then
quit PowerPoint.
If a Microsoft PowerPoint dialog box appears, click the Save button to save any changes
made to the presentation since the last save.
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