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Chapter Summary
Chapter Summary
In this chapter you have learned how to enhance an existing presentation by adding video, audio, and pictures with
effects. You also learned to modify placeholders, align text, and review a presentation by checking spelling and
creating handouts. The items listed below include all the new PowerPoint skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Color a Picture (PPT 143)
2. Add an Artistic Effect to a Picture (144)
3. Change the Stacking Order (PPT 146)
4. Resize a Placeholder (PPT 148)
5. Move a Placeholder (PPT 148)
6. Delete a Placeholder (PPT 149)
7. Align Paragraph Text (PPT 150)
8. Delete a Slide (PPT 152)
9. Change Views (PPT 153)
10. Copy a Clip from One Slide to Another (PPT 155)
11. Zoom a Slide (PPT 156)
12. Ungroup a Clip (PPT 157)
13. Change the Color of a Clip Object (PPT 158)
14. Delete a Clip Object (PPT 161)
15. Regroup Objects (PPT 162)
16. Insert a Video File (PPT 163)
17. Trim a Video File (PPT 164)
18. Add Video Options (PPT 166)
19. Insert an Audio File (PPT 167)
20. Add Audio Options (PPT 170)
21. Add a Video Style (PPT 172)
22. Resize a Video (PPT 174)
23. Insert a Movie Clip (PPT 174)
24. Find and Replace Text (PPT 176)
25. Find and Insert a Synonym (PPT 178)
26. Add Notes (PPT 179)
27. Check Spelling (PPT 181)
28. Insert a Slide Number (PPT 182)
29. Preview and Print a Handout (PPT 184)
30. Print Speaker Notes (PPT 187)
If you have a SAM 2010 user proi le, your instructor may have assigned an autogradable
version of this assignment. If so, log into the SAM 2010 Web site at
to download the instruction and start i les.
Learn It Online
Test your knowledge of chapter content and key terms.
Instructions: To complete the Learn It Online exercises, start your browser, click the Address bar, and
then enter the Web address . When the PowerPoint 2010 Learn
It Online page is displayed, click the link for the exercise you want to complete and then read the
Chapter Reinforcement TF, MC, and SA
A series of true/false, multiple choice, and short
answer questions that test your knowledge of the
chapter content.
Who Wants To Be a Computer Genius?
An interactive game that challenges your knowledge
of chapter content in the style of a television
quiz show.
Flash Cards
An interactive learning environment where
you identify chapter key terms associated with
displayed dei nitions.
Wheel of Terms
An interactive game that challenges your knowledge
of chapter key terms in the style of the television
show Wheel of Fortune.
Practice Test
A series of multiple choice questions that test your
knowledge of chapter content and key terms.
Crossword Puzzle Challenge
A crossword puzzle that challenges your knowledge
of key terms presented in the chapter.
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