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Perform the following tasks:
1. On Slide 1, move the title text placeholder up so that it is positioned in the upper-right corner of the
slide, as shown in Figure 3– 80a. Right-align the title text and then add the Small Caps font effect to
these letters. Hint: Font effects are located in the Font dialog box (Home tab | Font group).
2. On the title slide, delete the audio clip positioned in the upper-left corner of the slide. The three
audio clips on the right side of the slide will remain.
3. Change the video style from Soft Edge Oval to Beveled Oval, Black (in the Moderate area). Then
change the video border color to Gold, Accent 2 and change the border weight to 10 pt. Hint:
Click More Lines in the Video Border Weight gallery and then change the Border Style Width.
4. On Slide 2, add a border to each of the six pictures that surround the center deer video frame,
and then change the border colors and the border weights. Use Figure 3– 80b as a guide. Add the
Compound Frame, Black video style (in the Moderate area) to the bird feeder clip.
5. Change the document properties, as specii ed by your instructor. Save the presentation using the
i le name, Extend 3-1 Observing Nature.
6. Start the slide show. When a few seconds of the video have elapsed, pause the video and then move
your mouse pointer to an area other than the video and listen to the bird audio clips. Then move
the mouse pointer over the video clip to display the Video Controls. Resume the video playback.
7. Submit the revised document in the format specii ed by your instructor.
title text
Small Caps font
effect applied
to title text
title text
moved to
new location
video style
to Beveled
Oval, Black
border color changed to
Gold and border weight
increased to 10 pt.
(a) Slide 1
borders added
to all six pictures
deer video
picture border colors
and weights changed
border added to
bird feeder video
(b) Slide 2
Figure 3 – 80
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