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Make It Right
Make It Right
Analyze a presentation and correct all errors and/or improve the design.
Editing Clips, Finding and Replacing Text, and Correcting Spelling
Note: To complete this assignment, you will be required to use the Data Files for Students. See the
inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact
your instructor for information about accessing the required i les.
Instructions: Start PowerPoint. Open the presentation, Make It Right 3-1 Flamingos, from the Data
Files for Students.
Correct the formatting problems and errors in the presentation while keeping in mind the
guidelines presented in this chapter.
Perform the following tasks:
1. On Slide 1 (Figure 3– 81), change the audio clip volume to High and hide the sound icon during
the show. Loop this clip for the duration of the slide show.
2. On Slide 2, add the Rel ection video effect located in the Rel ection Variations area, Tight Rel ec-
tion 4 pt offset (i rst rel ection in second row) to the video.
3. Trim the Slide 2 video so that the Start Time is 00:21.087 and the End Time is 01:44.273. The
duration should be 01:23.186 minutes.
4. Copy the l amingo clip from Slide 4 to Slide 3 and then delete Slide 4. Place this clip on the left side
of the picture frame and then adjust the picture frame size so it is the appropriate dimension for the
slide content. Ungroup the l amingo clip and then recolor the l amingo to match the color of its
legs, the palm tree leaves to a shade of green, and the bird to a shade of blue. Regroup the clip.
5. Find the word, Antarctica, in the Slide 1 Notes pane, and then replace it with the words, South
America. Then i nd the number, 14, and replace it with the number, 4.
6. Check the slides for spelling errors and then run the revised presentation.
7. Change the document properties, as specii ed by your instructor. Save the presentation using the
i le name, Make It Right 3-1 Chilean Flamingos.
8. Submit the revised document in the format specii ed by your instructor.
hide sound icon
correct errors
in Notes text
check spelling
Figure 3 –81
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