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1 Creating a Worksheet
and an Embedded Chart
Almost any organization collects vast amounts of data. Often, data is consolidated into a
summary so that people in the organization better understand the meaning of the data. An
Excel worksheet allows data easily to be summarized and charted. A chart conveys a visual
representation of data. In this chapter, you will create a worksheet that includes a chart.
The data in the worksheet and chart includes data for donations made to a not-for-proi t
organization that operates in several cities.
Project Planning
The process of developing a worksheet that communicates specii c information requires
careful analysis and planning. As a starting point, establish why the worksheet is needed.
Once the purpose is determined, analyze the intended users of the worksheet and their
unique needs. Then, gather information about the topic and decide what to include in the
worksheet. Finally, determine the worksheet design and style that will be most successful at
delivering the message. Details of these guidelines are provided in Appendix A. In addition,
each project developed in this topic provides practical applications of these planning
Project — Worksheet with an Embedded Chart
The project in this chapter follows proper design guidelines and uses Excel to create
the worksheet shown in Figure 1–1. The worksheet contains fundraising data for the
Save Sable River Foundation. The Save Sable River Foundation raises funds to care
for the environment and preserve the usability of a river that l ows through six cities.
The foundation raises funds by using i ve different fundraising activities. Through a
concentrated marketing campaign and providing visible results to the communities,
the Save Sable River Foundation quickly became a popular local institution. After
several years of successful fundraising, senior management requested an easy-to-read
worksheet that shows lifetime fundraising amounts for each fundraising technique by
city. In addition, they asked for a chart showing lifetime fundraising amounts because
the president of the foundation likes to have a graphical representation that allows him
quickly to identify stronger and weaker fundraising activities by city.
EX 2
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