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Selecting a Cell
To Enter the Worksheet Titles
As shown in Figure 1– 4 on the previous page, the worksheet title, Save Sable River Foundation, identii es the
organization for which the worksheet is being created in Chapter 1. The worksheet subtitle, Lifetime Fundraising
Summary, identii es the type of report.
The following steps enter the worksheet titles in cells A1 and A2. Later in this chapter, the worksheet titles
will be formatted so they appear as shown in Figure 1– 4.
If necessary, click cell
A1 to make cell A1 the
active cell (Figure 1– 5).
What if I make a
mistake while typing?
If you type the wrong
letter and notice the
error before clicking
the Enter box or
pressing the ENTER
key, use the BACKSPACE
key to delete all the
characters back to and
including the incorrect
letter. To cancel the
entire entry before
entering it into the
cell, click the Cancel box in the formula bar or press the ESC key. If you see an error in a cell
after entering the text, select the cell and retype the entry.
heavy border
indicates cell
A1 selected
Figure 1–5
Sable River
Foundation in
cell A1 and then point
to the Enter box in
the formula bar to
prepare to enter
text in the active cell
(Figure 1– 6).
Why did the
appearance of the
formula bar change?
Excel displays the title
in the formula bar and
in cell A1. When you
begin typing a cell
entry, Excel displays
two additional boxes
in the formula bar:
the Cancel box and the Enter box. Clicking the Enter box completes an entry. Clicking the
Cancel box cancels an entry.
Enter box
text displayed
in formula bar
Cancel box
insertion point
Note: To help you locate
screen elements that
are referenced in the
step instructions, such as
buttons and commands,
this topic uses red boxes
to point to these screen
text in active
cell overl ows
into adjacent
cells to the right
Figure 1– 6
What is the vertical line in cell A1?
The text in cell A1 is followed by the insertion point. The insertion point is a blinking vertical
line that indicates where the next typed character will appear.
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