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Selecting a Cell
To Enter Column Titles
The column titles in row 3 (Allentown, Chamber City, Pattonsville, Sable Village, Strongville, Town of Cary,
and Total) identify the numbers in each column. In the case of the Save the Sable River Foundation data, the cities
identify the funds raised using each fundraising type. The cities, therefore, are placed in columns. To enter the
column titles in row 3, select the appropriate cell and then enter the text. The following steps enter the column
titles in row 3.
Click cell B3 to make
it the active cell
(Figure 1– 9).
active cell
reference in
Name box
changes to B3
B3 is active cell
Figure 1– 9
to begin entry
of a column title
in the active cell
(Figure 1–10).
Allentown displayed
in formula bar and
cell B3
Figure 1–10
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