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Selecting a Cell
key to enter a column
title and make the cell
to the right the active
cell (Figure 1–11).
Why is the RIGHT
ARROW key used to
complete the entry in
the cell?
If the next entry
you want to enter is
in an adjacent cell,
use the arrow keys
to complete the
entry in a cell. When
you press an arrow
key to complete an
entry, the adjacent
cell in the direction
of the arrow (up,
down, left, or right)
becomes the active
cell. If the next entry
is in a nonadjacent cell, complete the current entry by clicking the next cell in which you
plan to enter data. You also can click the Enter box or press the ENTER key and then click
the appropriate cell for the next entry.
Press the
C3 is active cell
column title
Figure 1–11
Repeat Steps 2 and 3
to enter the remaining
column titles; that
is, enter Chamber
City in cell C3,
in cell D3, Sable
Village in cell E3,
Strongville in
cell F3, Town of
Cary in cell G3,
and Total in cell
H3 (complete the last
entry in cell H3 by
clicking the Enter box
in the formula bar)
(Figure 1–12).
column titles left-aligned in cells
Figure 1–12
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