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Using the Fill Handle to Copy a Cell to Adjacent Cells
Click cell H4 to make
it the active cell
(Figure 1– 23).
mouse pointer is
block plus sign
H4 is active cell
Figure 1–23
With the mouse
pointer in cell H4 and
in the shape of a block
plus sign, drag the
mouse pointer down
to cell H9 to highlight
the range with a
transparent view
(Figure 1– 24).
range H4:H9
Figure 1–24
Home tab
Sum button
Click the Sum button
(Home tab | Editing
group) to calculate
and display the sums
of the corresponding
rows (Figure 1– 25).
Select cell A10 to
Editing group
deselect the selected
How does Excel create
unique totals for each
If each cell in a
selected range is next
to a row of numbers,
Excel assigns the SUM function to each
cell when you click the Sum button.
totals for each
row of numbers
Figure 1–25
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