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In Depth Information
Formatting the Worksheet
Home tab
Cell Styles
Styles group
Click cell A1 to make
cell A1 the active cell.
Click the Cell Styles
A1 is active cell
button (Home tab |
Styles group) to
display the Cell Styles
gallery (Figure 1– 27).
Cell Styles gallery
Figure 1–27
Point to the Title
cell style in the Titles
and Headings area
of the Cell Styles
gallery to see a live
preview of the cell
style in the active cell
(Figure 1– 28).
live preview of Title
cell style in cell A1
rel ects font, font
size, and font color
of cell style
Title cell style
Titles and
Headings area
Point to several other
cell styles in the Cell
Styles gallery to see a
live preview of other
cell styles in cell A1.
selected Bold button
indicates bold font style
applied to selected cell
Figure 1–28
Cambria font type
selected in Font box
font size 18 selected
in Font Size box
Click the Title cell
style to apply the cell
style to the active cell
(Figure 1– 29).
Why do several items
in the Font group on
the Ribbon change?
The changes to the
Font box, Bold button,
and Font Size box
indicate the font
changes applied to
the active cell, cell A1,
as a result of applying
the Title cell style.
Title cell style
applied to cell A1
Figure 1–29
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