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Formatting the Worksheet
To Change the Font
Different fonts often are used in a worksheet to make it more appealing to the reader and to relate or
distinguish data in the worksheet. The following steps change the worksheet subtitle’s fonts from Calibri to Cambria.
Home tab
Font box arrow
Font group
Click cell A2 to make
it the active cell.
Click the Font box
arrow (Home tab |
Font group) to display
the Font gallery
(Figure 1– 30).
Which fonts are
displayed in the
Font gallery?
Because many
programs supply
additional fonts
beyond what comes
with the Windows 7
operating system,
the number of fonts
available on your
computer will depend
on the programs
installed. This book
uses only fonts that come with the Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Ofi ce 2010.
A2 is
Font gallery
Figure 1–30
cell A2 displays live
preview of Cambria font
Cambria font
selected in
Font gallery
Theme Fonts area
Point to Cambria in
the Theme Fonts area
of the Font gallery
to see a live preview
of the selected font
in the active cell
(Figure 1– 31).
Cambria recommended
for heading cells
Calibri recommended
for body cells
Point to several other
fonts in the Font
gallery to see a live
preview of other fonts
in the selected cell.
What is the Theme
Fonts area?
Excel applies the same
default theme to any
new workbook that
you start. A theme is a
collection of cell styles
and other styles that
have common characteristics, such as a color scheme and font. The default theme for an Excel
workbook is the Ofi ce theme. The Theme Fonts area of the Font gallery includes the fonts
included in the default Ofi ce theme. Cambria is recommended for headings and Calibri is
recommended by Microsoft for cells in the body of the worksheet (Figure 1– 31).
Figure 1–31
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