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In Depth Information
Formatting the Worksheet
Home tab
Cell Styles
Click the Cell Styles
button (Home tab |
Styles group) to
display the Cell Styles
gallery and then
click the Total cell
style in the Titles and
Headings area to
apply the selected cell
style to the cells in the
selected range.
Styles group
Click cell A11 to select
it (Figure 1– 44).
Total cell style applied
to range A9:H9
A11 is active cell
Figure 1– 44
To Format Numbers in the Worksheet
As previously noted, the numbers in the worksheet should be formatted to use a dollar-and-cents format, with
dollar signs in the i rst row (row 4) and the total row (row 9). Excel allows you to format numbers in a variety of
ways, and these methods are discussed in other chapters in this topic. The following steps use buttons on the Ribbon
to format the numbers in the worksheet.
Select cell B4 and drag
the mouse pointer
to cell H4 to select a
range (Figure 1– 45).
range B4:H4 selected
Figure 1– 45
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