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Formatting the Worksheet
Click the Accounting
Number Format
button (Home tab |
Number group) to
apply the Accounting
Number format to the
cells in the selected
Select cell A11
(Figure 1– 48).
Why did the column
widths automatically
adjust again?
Because the total
row contains larger
numbers, the
Accounting Number
format again causes
the cell widths
automatically to
adjust to accommodate the new formatting just as occurred in Step 2.
Accounting Number
Format applied to
range B9:H9
A11 is active cell
Figure 1– 48
Other Ways
1. Click Accounting Number
Format or Comma Style
button on Mini toolbar
2. Right-click selection,
click Format Cells on
the shortcut menu, click
Number tab (Format
Cells dialog box), select
Accounting in Category
list or select Number and
click Use 1000 Separator,
click OK button
To Adjust the Column Width
The last step in formatting the worksheet is to adjust the width of column A so that the word Phone-a-thon
in cell A8 is shown in its entirety in the cell. Excel includes several methods for adjusting cell widths and row heights,
and these methods are discussed later in this topic. The following steps adjust the width of column A so that the
contents of cell A8 are displayed in the cell.
Point to the boundary
on the right side
of the column A
heading above
row 1 to change the
mouse pointer to a
split double arrow
(Figure 1– 49).
mouse pointer is
split double arrow
current right border
of column A
Figure 1– 49
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