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Adding a Clustered Cylinder Chart to the Worksheet
To Add a Clustered Cylinder Chart to the Worksheet
The area on the worksheet where the chart appears is called the chart location. As shown in Figure 1– 53 on page
EX 36, the chart location in this worksheet is the range A11:G23; this range is immediately below the worksheet data.
Placing the chart below the data on the Save Sable River Foundation Lifetime Fundraising Summary worksheet makes
it easier to read the chart along with the data, and the chart and data easily can be printed on one sheet of paper.
The following steps draw a Clustered Cylinder chart that compares the funds raised by fundraising activity for
the six cities.
Insert tab
Click cell A3 and
then drag the mouse
pointer to cell G8 to
select the range to be
charted (Figure 1– 54).
range A3:G8
Figure 1–54
Insert tab becomes
active tab
Click Insert on the
Ribbon to display
the Insert tab
(Figure 1– 55).
What tasks can I
perform with the
Insert tab?
The Insert tab
includes commands
that allow you to
insert various objects,
such as shapes,
tables, illustrations,
and charts, into a
worksheet. These
objects will be
discussed as they are
used throughout this
Insert tab groups
and commands
Figure 1–55
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