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Adding a Clustered Cylinder Chart to the Worksheet
Column button
Charts group
Insert tab
Click the Column
button (Insert tab |
Charts group) to
display the Column
gallery (Figure 1– 56).
Column gallery
Cylinder area
Clustered Cylinder
chart type
Figure 1–56
Chart Tools contextual tab
Chart Tools
Design tab
Click the Clustered
Cylinder chart type in
the Cylinder area of
the Column gallery to
add the selected chart
type to the middle of
the worksheet in a
selection rectangle.
when chart is selected,
colored borders in
worksheet indicate
chart range
Chart Styles
mouse pointer
changes to
double two-
headed arrow
the mouse button
while pointing to the
upper-right edge of
the selection rectangle
to change the mouse
pointer to a double
two-headed arrow
(Figure 1– 57).
Why is a new tab
displayed on the
When you select
objects such as shapes
or charts, Excel
displays contextual
tabs that include
special commands
that are used to work
with the type of object selected. Because a chart is selected, Excel displays the Chart Tools
contextual tab. The three tabs below the Chart Tools contextual tab, Design, Layout, and
Format, are tabs that include commands to work with charts.
Press and hold down
sizing handles
selection rectangle
Figure 1–57
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