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Adding a Clustered Cylinder Chart to the Worksheet
Chart Tools
Design tab
While continuing to
hold down the mouse
button, press the
ALT key and drag the
bottom edge of the
chart up to the bottom
edge of row 23 and
then release the
mouse button to
resize the chart.
current chart style
Chart Styles gallery
Style 34 chart style
If necessary, scroll the
worksheet so that
row 1 displays at the
top of the worksheet.
Click the More button
in the Chart Styles
gallery (Chart Tools
Design tab | Chart
Styles group) to
expand the gallery
(Figure 1– 60).
chart resized so that
bottom edge of chart
aligns with bottom
edge of row 23
Figure 1– 60
Home tab is active tab and
Chart Tools contextual tab
and related tabs disappear
Click Style 34 in the
Chart Styles gallery
(column 2, row 5) to
apply the chart style
to the chart.
Click cell J9 to
deselect the chart
and complete
the worksheet
(Figure 1– 61).
J9 is active cell
What is the purpose
of the items on the
right side of the
The items to the right
of the column chart
in Figure 1– 61 are
the legend , which
identii es the colors
assigned to each bar
in the chart. Excel
automatically selects
the entries in the
leftmost column
of the chart range
(column A) as titles within the legend.
legend identii es
columns in chart area
Style 34 chart style
applied to chart
Figure 1– 61
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