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Changing the Worksheet Names
Changing the Worksheet Names
The sheet tabs at the bottom of the window allow you to view any worksheet in the
workbook. You click the sheet tab of the worksheet you want to view in the Excel window.
By default, Excel presets the names of the worksheets to Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on. The
worksheet names become increasingly important as you move toward more sophisticated
workbooks, especially workbooks in which you reference cells between worksheets.
Choose a name for the worksheet.
Use simple, meaningful names for each worksheet. Worksheet names often match the
worksheet title. If a worksheet includes multiple titles in multiple sections of the worksheet,
use a name that encompasses the meaning of all of the sections.
To Change the Worksheet Names
Lifetime Fundraising Summary is a meaningful name for the Save Sable River Foundation Lifetime
Fundraising Summary worksheet. The following steps rename worksheets by double-clicking the sheet tabs.
Double-click the sheet tab labeled
Sheet1 in the lower-left corner of
the window.
Fundraising Summary as
the worksheet name and then
press the ENTER key to display the
new worksheet name on the sheet
tab (Figure 1– 62).
What is the maximum length for
a worksheet tab?
Worksheet names can be up to 31 characters (including spaces) in length. Longer worksheet
names, however, mean that fewer sheet tabs will show. To view more sheet tabs, you can drag
the tab split box (Figure 1–62) to the right. This will reduce the size of the scroll bar at the
bottom of the screen. Double-click the tab split box to reset it to its normal position.
Sheet1 name changed
to Lifetime Fundraising
Figure 1– 62
tab split box
Right-click the sheet tab labeled
Lifetime Fundraising Summary in
the lower-left corner of the window
to display a shortcut menu.
shortcut menu
Point to Tab Color on the shortcut
desired color
menu to display the color gallery
(Figure 1– 63).
How can I quickly move between
worksheet tabs?
You can use the tab scrolling
buttons to the left of the sheet tabs
(Figure 1– 63) to move between
worksheets. The leftmost and
rightmost scroll buttons move to
the i rst or last worksheet in the
workbook. The two middle scroll buttons move one worksheet to the left or right.
Tab Color
tab scrolling
Figure 1– 63
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