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Changing Document Properties
Click Red, Accent 2 (column 6, row 1)
in the Theme Colors area to change
the color of the tab (Figure 1– 64)
Lifetime Fundraising
Summary tab color
changed to red
If necessary, click Home on the
Ribbon to display the Home tab.
Figure 1– 64
Changing Document Properties
Excel helps you organize and identify your i les by using document properties , which are
the details about a i le. Document properties, also known as metadata , can include infor-
mation such as the project author, title, subject, and keywords. A keyword is a word or
phrase that further describes the document. For example, a class name or document topic
can describe the i le’s purpose or content.
Document properties are valuable for a variety of reasons:
Users can save time locating a particular i le because they can view a document’s
properties without opening the document.
By creating consistent properties for i les having similar content, users can better
organize their documents.
Some organizations require Excel users to add document properties so that other
employees can view details about these i les.
Five different types of document properties exist, but the more common ones used
in this topic are standard and automatically updated properties. Standard properties
are associated with all Microsoft Ofi ce documents and include author, title, and subject.
Automatically updated properties include i le system properties, such as the date you
create or change a i le, and statistics, such as the i le size.
To Change Document Properties
The Document Information Panel contains areas where you can view and enter document properties. You
can view and change information in this panel at any time while you are creating a workbook. Before saving the
workbook again, you want to add your name and course information as document properties. The following steps
use the Document Information Panel to change document properties.
your screen may show
more properties if the
Show All Properties link at
the bottom of this gallery
has been clicked
File tab
Click File on the
Ribbon to open the
Backstage view. If
necessary, click the Info
tab in the Backstage
view to display the Info
gallery (Figure 1– 65).
preview of current
worksheet window
Info tab
right pane of Info gallery automatically
displays some of the more common
workbook properties, some of which
can be changed in this gallery by
clicking the property and then typing
the new information
How do I close the
Backstage view?
Click File on the Ribbon
or click the preview of
the document in the
Info gallery to return
to the Excel document
Figure 1– 65
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